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A Woman with a Call Mentorship

A Woman with a Call (AWWAC) Mentorship program is purposed to encourage individuals through spiritual and personal development in efforts to fulfill their purpose and destiny. Our mission is to empower and encourage effective and wholistic living by way of individual empowerment sessions, corporate prayer, workshops, and other ministry tools. Our aim is to facilitate a virtual and/or physical space for individuals to experience release from fears and other limitations that hinder overall progress; we seek to push, promote and propel individuals that are ready to be empowered.






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What Women Say

Patricia Pinkney,

Adjutant & Elder

Valerie Howard-Jones, Pastor

Prophetess Nya Small is an amazing and awesome woman of God who lives a holy and consecrated life before the Lord. She is real, transparent and really loves the women of God that he has sent her way. This program is inspiring, empowering, transforming, and changed my life!

Melinda Nogieru,


The AWWAC program was superb. I loved the open forum and dialog but most of all the chance to meet my online sisters in person. Great teaching on understanding your call and how crucial it is to live a life of fasting and prayer. I would highly recommend this training to many!

Jade Graves,

Author & CEO

As a participant of AWWAC Midwife Program, I have been blessed by the prophetic teachings and ministry of Pastor Nya Ann Small!  She taught me more  & being mentored by her has shaken my religious spiritual foundation helping to birth my spiritual gifts and purpose in the earth!

Kalima Hookes, 


Pastor Nya has a real, authentic ministry, truly cares about the body of Christ and has a special anointing to cultivate and nurture women. She gives practical tips and assignments to guide you in your walk, whether you are a beginner or not. Stick with this, and you will be transformed!

The AWWAC Program is a right now, in your face, shake up your traditions & ideals experience that I am excited I didn't miss! With love, compassion, wisdom, and the anointing of God Prophetess helped us push past the constraints of tradition, fear, and tap into the light of our ordained purpose. 

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